Fire Exit Doors

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Fire exit Door

One of the most important measures is to take precautions in case of fire and similar emergencies that may occur inside the buildings. Fire exit doors play an important role in ensuring these measures. During a possible fire disaster, people turn to building exits in panic.

The doors used at the building exits are not heat resistant because they are produced from different materials due to their function. Therefore, it cannot be used during a disaster and people may be trapped inside.

Fire exit doors, as the name suggests, are door systems that enable people to evacuate in the fastest and healthiest way in case of fire and similar emergencies. Fireproof steel material is used in the production of fire exit doors. The materials used in its production are heat resistant.

Blocks flames for up to 120 minutes. At the same time, its smoke-proof feature ensures that people are not poisoned by smoke and makes it easier for them to leave the scene in a healthy way.

Fire exit door, which is resistant to fire and heat, creates a safe environment thanks to its ability to cut smoke and prevent flames for a while, even if the fire has spread.

Remarkable colors such as red, blue and green are generally used in the manufacture of fire doors. However, different colors are also used according to the projects. In addition, the fire exit door, which is produced in different sizes according to the project to be used, is produced as single-wing, double-winged and glazed.

Fire Ladder Door

These doors, which are produced in striking colors, transport people to the fire escape stairs safely in case of danger and fire. The fire exit door reduces smoke and heat to a minimum. Thanks to its air cut feature, it helps to control the flames and prevents the fire from spreading.

The fire exit door should be easily visible and accessible from all angles. For this reason, signs are used to indicate its location.

The fire escape door is produced in any desired color and size. At the same time, it offers multiple options such as opening to the inside and outside, opening to the right or left. The hydraulic materials used in its production provide high fire resistance.

One of the most distinctive features of the fire exit door is that it insulates the safe zone. During the fire, the stairs will accumulate toxic fumes and become unusable. For this reason, the stairs to be isolated are protected with a fire exit door.

At the same time, fire exit doors automatically close by themselves, ensuring safety. Hydraulic pushers placed on the fire exit door undertake this task. Thus, it ensures that the fumes do not fill the safe area at the time of escape and that they can enter from the outside when necessary.

The element to be considered in the use of a fire exit door is to keep the door closed. This element should be taken into account both in order not to lose its function and to ensure that the ladder can only be used for its intended purpose.

Fire Door Prices

Fire door prices are a sudden event that is difficult to control. The important thing in the area where the fire took place is to get the people inside as soon as possible and to cut the connection with the flames as soon as possible. At this point, the task of fire doors is great. Almost most people want to get rid of this potential disaster at the most affordable cost.

He does research among the door prices and buys the one that fits the budget. Emergency exit door prices vary according to the material used in production. The higher the quality of the material used, the higher the price. Another factor in changing prices is the area in which they will be used.

Dimensions in accordance with the dimensions determined in the field, whether there is a glass window, color, etc. factors are taken into account in determining the price.

Emergency exit door prices also vary according to the orders of the person who will buy it. Buyers who want a stylish and aesthetic harmony in terms of appearance, paint, accessories, etc. suitable for the space. elements can be requested. The prices of the emergency exit doors, which are specially produced in line with the demands, may increase.

Fire Door Prices Kayseri

Kayseri fire door prices vary according to the structure of the area to be used, its dimensions and the characteristics of the door. It is possible to find an emergency exit door suitable for almost every buyer's budget in Kayseri. The material of the door is one of the determining factors in door prices. As the quality of the material increases, the function performs more professionally.

The price is determined by considering the areas where the emergency exit door will be used in Kayseri. Doors in standard sizes are more affordable, while doors produced in special sizes suitable for the project are more expensive. Another factor that plays a role in the change of prices is that it is designed specifically for the area to be used.

Buyers who care about appearance as well as function may request specific requests such as color, glass window, pattern suitable for the space. Every request that goes beyond the standard production raises the price.

Fire doors have a price scale that will meet every need with both standard production and production in accordance with the desired dimensions.

Fire Exit Door Prices

Fire exit doors are of great importance in the measures to be taken against a fire disaster in a building's natural gas installation, electricity leakage or a sudden fire in the home environment. These doors with heat and smoke cut feature are priced according to their features. One of the features considered in pricing is dimensions.

Doors produced outside of standard sizes are considered to be special production, so the price is high. In addition, another factor that determines the prices of fire exit doors is the variety of doors. Options such as single wing, double wing, glazed affect the prices.

The prices of the doors with the same dimensions among the fire exit door prices may vary. The reason for this is related to how heat resistant the material used in its production is. For this reason, these factors should be taken into account when researching fire exit door prices.

Cheap Fire Door

Buyers who want to buy a door try to find the most suitable one in order not to exceed the budget. Especially buyers who want to buy a large number of doors generally prefer cheap fire exit doors. However, it contributes to the safety of life and property by preventing the fire in question and minimizing the loss of life and property.

Buyers looking for doors on this vital issue may encounter people who claim to sell cheap doors. Inexpensive fire exit door will not be enough to prevent the flames in case of a possible fire, and it will not be able to prevent the spread of toxic gas that will occur in the environment. For this reason, it is necessary to stay away from under the stairs productions that claim to sell the cheapest fire doors. When the cheapest fire door prices are researched, it is necessary to focus on the materials used as well as the price.

Apart from under the stairs production, reliable companies can produce at an affordable cost. The fact that the price of the door is affordable does not mean that the door is of poor quality. The important thing here is that the company is reliable and produces according to the determined rules. At the same time, companies organize discounts in order not to shake the buyers' budget.

These discounts provide ease of payment at the cheap door pick-up point made of first-class materials. The important point in finding an emergency exit door is that the company is reliable. After mutual trust is established, steel fire doors made of first class materials are purchased.

The main purpose of the emergency exit door (emergency exit door) is to ensure that the evacuation of the building is done quickly and safely in case of an emergency. At the same time, smoke, fire, gas, etc. on one floor of the building. In such cases, it is to prevent or delay the transition of these adverse conditions to other floors by providing isolation in a sense.

A building must meet certain building inspection conditions according to its characteristics and intended use. In our country, these conditions are generally determined by the TSE institution. Fire doors (emergency exit doors) to be used in a building must meet TSE requirements according to certain situations. However, for some structures or for certain parts of some structures, the door (emergency exit door) does not need to meet these conditions.

In this article, we will talk about the fire exit doors (emergency exit doors) that are not required to be used according to the TSE standards we have mentioned above. Generally, there are two separate stair sections in an apartment. One of them is reserved for Emergency Exit and the doors to be used here must be made according to TSE standards. The other ladder is made for general use.

It is also used for stair sections reserved for general use. However, TSE certificate is generally required for these.

Doors that do not require TSE certificate can be preferred as cheap fire exit doors.

As long as a cheap fire door is purchased from a reliable company, it should not mean bad, useless or poor quality. The main purpose of the emergency exit door is to make a high-quality door with low cost.

We can list the main features of the cheap fire door as follows:

• The thickness of the DKP sheet used can be preferred thinner than TSE standards. (like 1.0mm)

• The filling material preferred for insulation inside the door may be different. (Stone wool, Izocam etc.)

• Accessories used (such as panic bar or opening lever) can be preferred from more economical models.

• There is no obligation to use spring hinges in economic doors. Cost can be reduced by using standard hinge.

• If there is no smoke tightness requirement for the door seal used, cheaper production can be achieved by using more economical door seals.

• The cost can be reduced by making the wing thickness of the door thinner and it can be produced as an economical exit door.

The features we have written above are completely determined according to the wishes of the customer. It is possible to produce an economical exit door by choosing all or some of these features. This will not compromise the quality of the door. Only by lowering the cost, quality economic fire exit doors are produced again.

One of the most important points in the cheap exit door is to choose the right manufacturer. In the doors made with the productions called under the stairs production, the cost of the door is reduced with many different methods and it can cause the door to lose its basic properties. It is necessary to be careful about this. Yes, the emergency exit door is possible within the above-mentioned features, but when it starts to go beyond it, this can cause dangerous consequences.

As a result, we aim to deliver the economic emergency exit door to the seller while maintaining certain standards. Because we also care about the lives of our customers.

Fire Door Manufacturing

Fire doors are of great importance for people to leave the scene safely in case of possible fire events in storeyed areas. The fact that it is resistant to heat and does not leak smoke is due to the fact that fire doors are specially manufactured doors. Manufacturing is not like other door manufacturing. There are points to be noted.

Fire doors are heat resistant up to 120 minutes. The reason for this is the non-combustible hydraulic materials used in its manufacture. Aluminum, hydraulic material and metal sheet are used in manufacturing. These two substances make it heat resistant.

Every special material and technique used in the manufacture of the Emergency Exit door ensures that the door fulfills its function. As a result of temperature expansion, a leak-proof gasket is offered to prevent smoke from leaking into the safe area, and single or double wing alternatives are offered for practical opening. In addition, the glasses used in the doors with glass windows are specially produced to be resistant to fire.

After the production of the Emergency Exit door, the door produced passes certain tests. Each tool used in its manufacture is tested. Vehicles that fail during the test are changed and retested for smooth operation. Doors that complete the test are offered for sale.

Fire door dimensions

The fire door dimensions are exactly the same as the steel door dimensions, the only difference is the type of jamb used in the fire door. As Brango, we prefer turbo sills as sills. Turbo Molding is more durable and aesthetically better than other molding types.

While fire doors must comply with TSE standards, emergency exit doors do not have to comply with TSE standards. The dimensions of the emergency exit door and the fire exit door are taken exactly the same. The only difference between the fire door and the emergency exit door is the TSE certificate requirement for fire doors.

Standard dimensions of fire doors are 90 x 200.

The standard dimensions of the fire door are 90 x 200 from wall to wall, and 110x210 from outside to outside, with 10 cm sills.

Fire door dimensions vary based on the amount of space left in the wall according to the architectural design of the building. Apart from the standard fire door dimensions, fire doors and emergency exit doors are produced in desired sizes.

The minimum dimensions of the fire door can be manufactured with a width of 30 cm and a length of 1.5 meters.

The opening direction of the emergency exit doors is the same as the escape direction. By pressing the panic bar, it moves directly to the escape direction.

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