What is the Security Steel Door


Developing our world has brought with it a number of problems with it. Among these, the most important one is security issue. Located in the luxury consumer class steel door with this issue has now taken its place in the list of essential needs.

Steel Doors, supported by reinforced steel and steel plate, is impossible to open the doors from the outside compulsion intact.

Each steel door is steel door. There are several factors that determine the strength of a steel door. These; accurate manufacture, properly sized, right reinforcement are made correctly door with a mounting portion.


To be a solid steel door;

* Manufacturing basis to be eligible 

* measurement basis to be eligible 

* mounting bracket in the first blind casing wall dressed, it must be welded onto the single piece chassis. 

* Steel Door Steel Armor should be applied: this support system 7 formed of separate parts; to reinforce the thief will interfere with the door of the blade with a varying thickness in order to prepared 7 to 10 mm and consists of a hook.

A steel door company can not enter the doors solid steel door or opening it produces class does not meet these specifications.

What is The Steel Door Frame ?

Steel your door, wall-mounted department. Generally, each brand is 2mm DKP sheet steel door casing section. Steel your door, you have to have some features of the case in order to be safe and sound. Spline in the steel door frames should be reinforced by at least 5 mm steel.

The key feature is used and no matter what the brand; Lock from the shaft, the shaft enters the slot chassis set by the thickness of steel janitor every 2 mm. Then a meaningful and practical manner the steels of this section should be supported.


It will not be able to completely made of steel the door frame; lock shaft housing with blades of steel casing (solid steel) it must be supported.

Moreover, this is not enough. After montage of the door must be exactly yawn. This can only be done to correct mounting method.


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