What is a Steel Door Frame?

It is the wall-mounted part of your Steel Door. Generally, the casing section of every brand of steel door is 2mm DKP sheet. In order for your steel door to be safe and sound, the safe must have some features. The shaft slot in the steel door frame must be reinforced with at least 5 mm steel.

Regardless of the lock brand and feature used; The shafts coming out of the lock enter into the shaft slot of the safe, whose thickness is determined by each steel doorman as 2 mm. Therefore, it is necessary to support these sections with steel in a logical and practical way. Since it will not be possible to manufacture the door frame entirely from steel; The lock shaft slot of the safe must be supported with steel blades (solid steel). Also, this is not enough. Your door should not stretch after installation. This can only be achieved with the correct mounting method.


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Steel Door Frame Prices

Steel door frame prices vary according to frame sizes. You can obtain a steel door frame in accordance with your project from Brango Steel Door, which manufactures steel doors.


Steel Door Frame Types

One of the most important points for door assembly is choosing the right frame type. In order for the frame type to be selected correctly, the condition of the place to be mounted must be determined correctly. In general, it is possible to talk about 3 types of case types. These;


  • Adjustable frame (case)
  • Fixed frame(case)
  • Profile frame (Blind frame)


Adjustable frame (case)

The adjustable case is the most widely used case type. In this system, the sills of the case close the gap so that they are on the wall. The fact that the wall has a share from both the inside and the outside to come over and close the gap provides convenience. On the other hand, the fact that the casing can be divided into two parts, inner and outer, during assembly and can be narrowed by 7 cm according to the thickness of the wall provides convenience.


In Turkish standards, the thickness of this type of crates generally varies between 20-25 cm. If there is no obstacle to the sills inside and outside the house, it would be right to choose this frame type.


Fixed frame (case)

Another case type is the fixed case structure. In this case type, whatever the wall thickness is, it should be given as a measurement. Because there is no such thing as changing the size of the safe. In this type of safes, there is a sill on the wall only on the inside or only on the outside, depending on the situation of the place to be mounted. The thickness of the case is fixed, it can be ribbed from the inside or the outside.


If there are sills on the outside, the sills on the inside are smaller and remain in the wall cavity. In the opposite case, the inner sill comes on the wall and the outer sill stays in the wall cavity. If it is not possible to use moldings on both the inside and outside of each assembly place, then the production is made so that the moldings on both sides remain inside the wall.


The interior space of the wall should be given as the dimensions for the doors to be made in this way. Otherwise, there may be a gap after the door installation or the door may be too large for the installation place.

Profile Case (Tunnel Case)

Another preferred frame type is the profile frame, also known as the tunnel frame type. There is generally no sill structure in this frame type. The net wall space is taken into account as a measure and the door is placed exactly in this space. Case thickness is fixed, it can be preferred in places where moldings cannot be used.


If there is an assembly place that will prevent the sill structure, if there is no space around the door place from the inside and outside, it will be right to choose this frame type. In this case type, screwing places are left on the case for mounting. After assembly, these screwing places are closed with a cover.


Types of Steel Cases by Material

Coated Case

Coating with materials such as wood, composite, PVC is applied on the metal sill.


Metal case

The main material of the blade is metal, and the thickness of the sheet used varies according to preference. It can be made with different thicknesses of sheet metal depending on preference. Metal can be made flat, curved or turbo sill with different bending and molding techniques.


Aluminum Case

Aluminum is laid around the wing. Metal is used in the interior. Aluminum can be in different colors. Again, it is possible to paint according to preference. It may be the choice of people who do not like the metal look. The case is made of aluminum, not metal. Again, it can be painted to the desired color according to preference.


Frame Types According to Wing Structure

Panel Wing

It is a wing shape produced from metal by choosing different sheet thicknesses. It is the most preferred wing structure.


Classic Wing

It is the wing shape that is more traditional than the panel wing structure. Metal parts are wider and wood is used in the middle part.


Classic Straight Swing

It is generally preferred in building entrance models. There is a wide metal part around it and the middle part is preferred as glass.


Steel Door Frames with Pictures


Adjustable Frame oval angle Cut

Adjustable Frame Straight Frame

Adjustable Frame Flat Molding Draped Roof

Adjustable Frame, under the rubber seal strip Screw, Oval Frame

Adjustable Frame with Six Threaded Screws, Oval Frame, Angle Cut

Adjustable Frame With Six Screws, Flat Molding

Adjustable Frame, Under-rubber Seal strip Screw, Flat Molding, Cambered Roof

Adjustable Frame, Six-Seal Screwed Frame Covered Cambered Molding

Adjustable Frame, Under-rubber seal strip Screwed Frame Covered Flat Molding

Adjustable Frame, Under-Rubber Seal strip Screwed Frame Covered Flat Molding 2

Steel Door Frame (Coated Door Frame)

Steel door jambs are wooden parts on steel door frames that surround the door frame and provide a beautiful appearance. This part is important for the beautiful appearance of the door and is also called the coated door frame.

Steel Door Frame Rubber Seal Strip

The steel door frame seal is the gasket around the steel door frame that seals when the door is closed and ensures that it does not leak air, water and dust. This wick is important for the safety of the door, sound insulation and energy saving.


What is a Door Frame?

The door jamb is the edge or frame around the door that completes the frame of the door. It is made of materials such as wood, PVC or metal. It supports the installation of the door, completes its appearance and closes the junction with the wall.

How to Repair Door Frame?

You can follow the steps below to repair the door jamb:


Check for damage: Look for any damage to the door jamb. If you see cracks or dents, it may need to be repaired.

Fix damaged areas: Clean up damaged areas. If there are cracks, smooth them by applying a suitable filling material.

Wait for it to dry: You must wait before the filler dries. Usually, this time is indicated in the manufacturer's instructions.

Sand and smooth: Once dry, sand lightly and remove excess filler material for a smooth finish.

Paint or coat: You can paint or coat the repaired door trim the same color as the door. Apply using the relevant material and wait for it to dry.

By following these simple steps, you can easily repair your door jamb. However, if you have trouble with the repair or if the damage is too great, it may be better to consult a professional.

Types of door jambs

It includes a variety of materials, designs, and styles. Here are some of the common types of door jambs:

  • Wooden Door Frame: These are the moldings made of natural wood material. Different wood types and colors can be found. Wooden door sills provide a warm look and add a natural touch to the decoration.
  • PVC Door Frame: These are the moldings produced from PVC material. It is durable, resistant to moisture and rot. PVC door jambs are easy to clean and are usually available in white or different colours.
  • Metal Door Frame: It is the frame made of metal material. Generally, materials such as sheet metal or aluminum are used. Metal door jambs are strong, durable and long-lasting. It can be found in different colors and shapes.
  • Decorative Door Frame: These are the moldings designed with special patterns, grooves or ornaments. Decorative door jambs emphasize the aesthetics of the door and complete the decoration in different styles. It can be found in wood, PVC or metal materials.
  • Simple Door Frame: These are the door frames that have a flat and minimalist design. They are only used to complement the perimeter of the door and are usually preferred in white or neutral colors.

Door Frame Prices

Door frame prices vary depending on many factors. Door frame prices may vary depending on the features, material, brand, dimensions and design of the door.


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