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To talk about the color of a steel door, we can basically divide the door into two groups; it can also be thought of as the case and the wing, or similarly metal and wood.

When we examine it as Case and Wing;

Door Frame Colors

The case is generally made of metal and the metal is painted with electrostatic powder paint by firing at 200 C0. In this case, although there are many color options in electrostatic powder paint, some colors are widely used. Some of these common colors used are;

  • Black - RAL 9005
  • White - RAL 9016
  • Anthracite Gray - RAL 7016
  • Light Brown - RAL 8011
  • Tanganyika (Brown with Milk) – RAL 8025
  • Dark Brown – RAL 8058
  • Apple – RAL 8004
  • Yellow – RAL 8001
  • Smoke Gray – RAL 9006
  • Red – RAL 3020
  • Cream Color – RAL 1013
  • Dirty White – RAL 9010

These colors are the most preferred colors for metal paint, and it is possible to produce in other colors according to preference. In addition, these colors can have different features within themselves as Texture (Matte surface) and Rough (Glossy surface). This difference will appear in the texture of the paint, not its color.

Door Wing Colors

If the wing is metal, it is possible to apply these above-mentioned colors to the metal part of the wing. In fact, the above colors can be applied on the aluminum wing if it is preferred by the customer.

On the other hand, when we examine it as metal and wood; For metal, the above features are valid, but for the wooden part, there is a completely different situation.

Steel Door Surface Colors (Wood Colors)

Wood is preferred for the surface of the door or the covering of the case. Here, it is possible to talk about many color options. These colors can be seen on the models in our catalog. In fact, a lot of combinations can be created by using these colors together. The important point in wood colors is the feature of the preferred surface. For example, different materials such as Laminox (Melamine), PVC, Lacquer Painted, Natural Wood, Composite can be used as surface or case covering material. In this case, the tones and textures of the same color chosen for different materials will be different. For example; There will be a tonal difference between Anthracite Gray Laminox and Anthracite Gray PVC.


If we are going to talk about a single color on a steel door, then it is possible to paint a wooden case covered door in one color with Lacquer paint. On the other hand, it is possible to paint the sheet metal surface in a single color with electrostatic powder paint on a steel door. If the model is a sheet metal surface, the colors we have given the RAL codes above can be preferred. On the other hand, if wood is preferred and lacquer paint is desired, then it will be possible to choose different colors such as Blue, Red, Orange, Pink independently of the standard wood colors.

Considering that it is an effective parameter in the materials used, the door color in which a single color is used intensively is rare.

Single color models

  • white steel door
  • anthracite steel door
  • black steel door
  • red steel door
  • blue steel door
  • gray steel door

Wood veneer color varies according to the characteristics of the wood used. Luxury steel door models, which are among the best-selling models, are doors with a unique design that are specially produced.

The following colors are some of the most popular choices for steel door painting:

Black Steel Door

Black is a classic color that can be used for a variety of purposes, but is particularly well suited for painting steel doors. The deep color will look very stylish and sophisticated and will not necessarily clash with other colors in the room.


Gray Steel Door

Gray is another versatile color that can be used to create a variety of looks. It can be used as the main color of the door or as an accent color. As a bonus, gray is an energy-efficient color and is great if you want to increase the energy efficiency of your home.


Blue Steel Door

Blue is a popular color for walls and many other areas in a home, but it's also a great choice for painting steel doors. The bright color will add vitality to a room and will also match many other colors in the home.

There are many options when it comes to steel door painting, and the options are definitely not limited to the colors we listed above. If you're unsure about which color to choose, it's always a good idea to consult an expert. They can help you choose a color that will look great in your home and go well with other colors in the room.

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