Lamination Steel Door Models

It is a very economical type of wood veneer. It is one of the most important elements that make the wooden steel door look beautiful. It is included in the economic class of the classification of door models. It has more than 10,000 varieties.

It can be divided into three main groups

single color lamination
double color lamination
Chromium lamination
Laminationdoors are easy to use thanks to their wooden texture.

It shortens the production process thanks to its ready-to-use surface.

It reduces labor errors as it passes through the production line quickly.

It reduces labor and production cost, increases unit profit.

It is resistant to scratches and impacts.

Surfaces are antibacterial.

It is easily cleaned with surface cleaning materials.

Thanks to its special production technology, it has a natural appearance, there is no need for filling varnish, sanding and polishing of the door surfaces.

It has a natural appearance thanks to carefully designed patterns and effects, is stain-proof, heat-resistant, surfaces are antibacterial, impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, provides sound insulation, provides heat insulation, and is environmentally friendly.

What is Lamination steel door

Steel doors produced using Lamination wood veneer type are called Lamination steel doors. Lamination steel door prices vary according to other factors affecting the price of the steel door.


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