How to Steel Door Installation Made?

How to Steel Door Installation Made?

Steel door installation is the process of attaching the door to its place in the building. There are several important points for this process to be correct and without any mistakes. First of all, for the correct installation, the correct measurement must be taken from the place where the door will be installed.

We will talk about assembly, assuming that the measurements are taken correctly and the steel door is produced correctly according to these dimensions. You can find it on our page about how to take the right measurement.

Steel door installation differs according to the frame structure. If we talk about assembly according to the frame structure;

  • Adjustable Frame Steel Door Installation
  • Frame Steel Door Installation with Six Wick Screws (Concealed Adjustment)
  • Fixed Frame Steel Door Installation
  • Profile (Blind) Frame Assembly

Steel door installation can be classified under 4 main headings. Let's take a look at these titles now.

Adjustable Frame Installing

The adjustable case generally consists of two parts; inner case and outer case. First of all, the screws holding these two parts together must be removed and separated. Then the inner casing is brought to the inside of the wall, and the outer casing is brought to the outside.

If polyurethane foam is to be used for assembly, this foam is squeezed onto the wall-facing parts of the inner and outer casings, and the casings are attached to the wall from inside and outside and joined together. After the assembly process, the scale is measured and if there is no problem, the cases are fixed to each other from the screwing points.

After fixing, it is checked by measuring with a scale again. If there is no problem with the balance, the wing wick is attached and the other accessories are attached to their places.

Finally, the wing is replaced and it is checked again whether there is a problem. After these processes, the door sill marble is attached and the process is terminated.

If concrete is to be used for assembly, then the case is first fixed from inside and outside. Then, small gaps are opened on the wall to coincide with the upper corners of the casing, and the concrete prepared from these is poured between the casing and the wall.

How to Steel Door Installation Made

Finally, the drilled holes are closed again and the assembly is completed.

Frame Assembly with Six Wick Screws (Concealed Adjustment)

The installation of this type of casing is just like the adjustable casing. The only difference is that the fixing screws are not visible on the case. Fixing the cases to each other is done by screwing under the case wick.

In this way, a cleaner view is obtained when the wing wick is attached after assembly. During the assembly, the correct assembly of the door is ensured by measuring with a scale.

Fixed Frame Installing

In the fixed case type, the inner and outer cases are not separated from each other, the case is one piece. In this type of frame, either the inner sills will be shorter than the outer sills or the outer sills will be shorter than the inner sills. Thus, the case is mounted directly to the place to be attached, by sitting from the outside or from the inside.

Again, like other frame types, foam or concrete can be used for assembly. In this case type, there are screwing places for mounting on the right and left sides of the case.

From here, the frame is fixed to the wall by screwing, then the screw places are closed by putting the covers on these places. In the fixed case type, metal is generally used in the lower part, not marble.

During assembly, measurements are made with scales to ensure error-free assembly. After the assembly, the assembly is completed by attaching the wick and accessories again.

Profile (Blind) Frame Installing

There is no molding in the profile frame type. The frame is mounted directly into the wall cavity where the door will be attached. This type of frame is generally preferred in cases where there is no room for a sill on the side walls of the door to be installed. No foam or concrete is used for assembly.

There are screwing / fixing places for mounting around the case, as in the fixed case. From these parts, the case is fixed to the wall and mounted. Again, the assembly is finished with complementary elements such as, wicks, accessories, etc.

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