Fire door installation should be carried out by a specialist team. This team should have the experience to ensure the correct positioning, installation, and proper operation of the fire door. During the assembly phase, it should be ensured that the door is installed in accordance with fire safety standards.

The assembly process also requires consideration of the structural components around the door. Building elements such as walls, floors, and frames must be supported with the right materials in order for the fire door to work fully and efficiently. During installation, it is also important that the openings around the fire door are properly closed and sealed.

In addition, it is necessary to check the correct operation of the fire door after installation. A test procedure should be followed to verify that the fire door is properly opened, closed, locked, and fire-resistant. This ensures that it will operate correctly and safely in case of fire.

Points to be considered in the installation of a fire door:

·         It should be positioned correctly in areas with fire risk. For example, it should be located at the end of corridors or exit routes.

  • It must be quickly and easily accessible in the event of a fire. It is important that the access road is not blocked-in order to effectively manage the emergency and evacuation process.
  • The fire door must be selected and tested in accordance with fire safety standards. Factors such as durability, certification, and fire performance must be considered.
  • Fire door installation should be performed by a professional expert. The specialists have experience in the correct installation, correct operation of the door, and ensuring safety.

During installation, it must be ensured that structural components such as walls and floors around the fire door comply with the fire classification. This increases fire safety by preventing the fire from escaping around the door.

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