The dimensions of the fire door are exactly the same as the size of the steel door, the only difference is the type of jamb used in the fire door. As Brango, we prefer turbo type. Turbo Molding is more durable and aesthetically better than other molding types.


While fire doors must comply with TSE standards, emergency exit doors do not have to comply with TSE standards. The dimensions of the emergency exit door and the fire exit door are taken exactly the same. The only difference between the fire door and the emergency exit door is the TSE certificate requirement for fire doors.

Fire door dimensions are 90cm x 200cm. This size is known as the standard size.


The standard dimensions of the fire door are 90 x 200 from wall to wall, and 110x210 from outside to outside, with architrave of 10 cm.

Fire door dimensions vary based on the amount of space left in the wall according to the architectural design of the building. Apart from the standard fire door dimensions, fire doors and emergency exit doors are produced in the desired dimensions.

The minimum dimensions of the fire door can be manufactured with a width of 30 cm and a length of 1.5 meters.

The opening direction of the emergency exit doors is the same as the escape direction. By pressing the panic bar, it moves directly to the escape direction.

Please contact us for the exact dimensions of single-wing and double-wing doors. In addition, please inform your requests for a certified fire door or a fire door with panic bar according to special dimensions. Since the amount of material used during the production of special size fire doors will increase, it is important to inform about the special sizes for fire door prices.


The panic bar handle on the fire door is used to open the door easily in case of panic. Thanks to the fire escape door with panic bar, access to the fire escape becomes easier.


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