Door Types and Names;

Doors may show completely different characteristics in terms of shape and quality based on area of ​​use. according to everyone's tastes and imagination door model is changing day by day. We can make modern life easily with the doors of the advantages we offered to.

Our choice to know when choosing materials with which the doors allows us to use both more comfortable. Doors can be manufactured in different models of the same materials varies according to the materials. So the materials will help to know a better choice.

Entrance Doors:

Apartment building entrance doors are usually quite large. So they are quite crucial in terms of insulation. We will tell the garden doors at entrances.

Sliding Doors:

In order to create a spacious environment glass and wood are preferred and are the gates which hold a lot of space. Optionally available anywhere in the house. 
Fiberglass doors: to adapt to each door is convenient because the fiberglass material. It used anywhere because it is relatively resistant to the weather conditions. It also does not hurt your budget with reasonable prices.

Glass Door:

Prefer  it Pharmacies are such as hospitals and or place of business in areas. They are among a number of owners prefer workplace to create transparent areas of study. also considering the insulation property of the glass may be preferred as they provide exactly.

Steel Door;

 Durable known as apartment doors. But they are also used as entrance doors of the building. They are manufactured in a fully equipped this way for security structures adorned with many locks.


Interior Doors:

They are used as interior doors of the house. Usually wood, can be either American or PVC and can be done in any color. Pedestrian doors Voice These doors responsive action.

They feel are opened. There is no trouble closing the door are closed from self again. Formed by special equipment and are preferred in public areas.

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